Gitcoin creates onchain grants and identity management solutions that let communities govern their shared resources with trust and transparency. Our mission is to create technologies and opportunities that enable communities to build, fund and protect what matters.

In the spotlight

Gitcoin funded ZK Email to the tune of $5,325. The project had support from 1048 individual donors, which contributed $1897.08 and this was matched by a Gitcoin contribution of $3427.90.
We work out these numbers using Quadratic Funding, which gives more money to projects that have broader community appeal.
Dive into a world where boundaries are pushed, and innovation flourishes across various sectors. Gitcoin has evolved into more than merely a grants program; it's a catalyst for change, empowering any community to fund what matters to them.

Key Highlights

Projects Across Diverse Domains: Explore a wide range of projects spanning open-source development, climate initiatives, Web3 infrastructure, and more, each contributing uniquely to our collective future.
Over $6,977,648 in Diverse Grants Distributed: Our grants go beyond conventional boundaries, supporting a multitude of sectors. Discover the impact of our funding rounds in driving forward-thinking projects.
More than 110577 contributors and Supporters: Be part of an enthusiastic and diverse community. Our platform is a hub for talents and supporters from various backgrounds, united by a shared vision of progress.

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