METL banking API with zk service
Develop an agnostic banking API using Avalanche subnet and Teleporter for EVM interoperability, utilizing hashing and MPC for secure transaction governance.
Created 5 hours ago
Dex Wave Digital Skills Bootcamp
Dex Wave Initiative promotes digital inclusion in East Africa by providing computer access, teaching digital skills, improving education, job access, health, and community strength through technology.
Created 12 hours ago
Mystic Finance
Mystic is a lending market for RWAs, which enables borrowers to borrow stablecoins using their RWAs as collateral and investors to grow their portfolio by supplying to the protocol.
Created 1 day ago
TruMarket Blockchain
Blockchain-powered platform offering 15-18% APY for web3 investors by providing liquidity to fruit industry suppliers, enhancing transparency, traceability, and efficiency while boosting supplier revenues by 12%.
Created 1 day ago
Vinci Tribe
An art collective leveraging technology to onboard creators to web3, blockchain, and crypto, fostering new art forms and global market access while conducting educational workshops.
Created 1 day ago
Metaverse Careers
A job listing website for the Metaverse and web3 ecosystem, offering free listings for public good and non-profit projects.
Created 1 day ago
QuantumStake: Revolutionizing Staking in the Crypto Sphere | Optimism
QuantumStake offers a cutting-edge staking platform with advanced technology, scalability, a user-friendly interface, strong security measures, and a commitment to cryptocurrency education.
Created 1 day ago
HyperBlaze is building the next Binance on-chain. By leveraging HyperSDK technology with 100.000 TPS, HyperBlaze is building the fastest on-chain Orderbook DEX for both DeFi & TradFi.
Created 2 days ago
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Created 2 days ago
Atomic Green
A protocol for decentralized leverage trading via Uniswap, with margin borrowing from liquidity pools and on-chain order books for secure trading directly from any WEB3 wallet.
Created 2 days ago
Created 4 days ago
Metaversai offers web3 education and middleman services, funded by donations for operations, website and dApp development, and educational articles on the Metaverse and web3.
Created 4 days ago
Teleporter contracts library by Suzaku
We aim to provide utility contracts for ICTT, including the AvalancheICTTRouter for bridge UIs and DApps, and seek $25,000 for development and auditing.
Created 5 days ago
An educational platform for blockchain enthusiasts focused on the Arbitrum ecosystem, offering courses and coding challenges that reward users with ARB tokens, fostering learning and ecosystem growth.
Created 5 days ago
Arbitrum RWA Academy
Creating an academy to simplify Real-World Assets (RWAs) education and accessibility for retail investors and developers, overcoming legal, structural, and technical complexities inherent in blockchain investments.
Created 1 week ago