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Empowering community engagement in regenerative finance, Rifai Sicilia plants trees, fosters bioregional economies, educates in permaculture, and uses blockchain for ecological projects. Seeking donations for bioregional efforts and education.

Who We Are Rifai Sicilia empowers communities to participate in on-chain regenerative finance and catalyzes a bioregional economy by connecting people, projects, and places. Rifai Sicilia is a cultural interpretation of Regenerative Finance “ReFi”. Rifai in Italian means “Do Over” and offers an alternative path for cultural and ecological regeneration.

What We Do The previous round of gitcoin donations helped us host a weeklong ReFi event where we

-Planted 400 moringa trees that will provide super nutritious food for humans, biomass for soil, and habitat for animals and insects. -Kickstarted the foundation of a syntropic Agroforestry food forest and incepted it's title, "Butterfly Hill". -Made over 500 seed balls with native species -Held activities at 6 different locations around the bioregion. -Used dMRV platform Silvi Protocol to log the planted trees using smart phones and drone imagery. -Created an agroforestry ecocredit with Sunflower Ecotech -Writing a library of Italian language regenerative finance and permaculture educational content.

In the past 6 months, we have onboarded over 60 people with wallets and have issued over 120 NFT tickets on Mego.cx for participating in mutual aid events from tree plantings to beach cleanups. See the onchain community activity here https://dune.com/turinglabsorg/rifai-sicilia

Your donations will help -Support the growth of the syntropic agroforestry school at Butterfly Hill to restore 3 hectares of degraded land into a thriving food forest through continued education for local farmers. -Seed the bioregional regeneration fund to support local projects in more parts of the island. -Continued online and offline events and education for web3 onboarding in Italian and English. -Improve the rifaisicilia.com website to add more features to serve the community better.

Online Events- Bioregional Mapping Session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKcCon6PPAg

Participant Testimonials

“Rifai Sicilia balanced the real life intersection of agroecological practise and ReFi onboarding and dMRV use into an awesome, wholesome and spirited event.” Hereward McGillivray

"We came together and did the thing! This was one of the first events where it really felt like we made a tangible impact, actually regenerating land instead of coming together to talk about it! It was also a catalyst for refining our Agroforestry Stewardship Methodology. Definitely a highlight of the year 🌻💚🙌🌱" - Sev Nightingale

“Thank you so much for everything! This has been a life changing experience. It’s incredible what you’re creating & I’m so grateful to be part of it 🙏🏻” - Eve M.

Thank you to our Partners

Mego Tickets mego.cx

Sunflower Ecotech sunflowereco.tech

Silvi Protocol silvi.earth

Liminal Village liminalvillage.com


Cryptoshields https://cryptoshields.consulting/

Club Sankara https://www.facebook.com/ClubSankara/

Liberating Structures https://gospelofchange.com/

Oasi Maker https://www.facebook.com/oasimaker

Sole Languages https://solelanguages.com/

Follow the Leaf https://followtheleaf.org/

Butterfly Hill Agroforestry Farm

ReFii Italia https://twitter.com/ReFi_Italia

Rifai Sicilia History

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