DeSci Landscape Analysis

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Analyzing decentralized science (DeSci) impacts through surveys, creating an ecosystem map, and fostering cross-pollination within the community using Gitcoin crowdfunding.

The results of a survey from talentDAO and DeSciWorld shed light on the impact Gitcoin Round 15 crowdfunding can have on decentralized science (DeSci) organizations and ecosystem development. We explored what these projects are and what they achieved using the funds received.

Check the results here:

This was the first phase of the DeSci Landscape Analysis, which aims to understand what the decentralized science movement is and what impact it has in the scientific ecosystem. In further phases of this study, we plan to expand these efforts to uplift the DeSci ecosystem.

Right now we are focusing on phase II where we'll survey as many DeSci projects as possible to create a new ecosystem map. We'll also pull data from Twitter API to understand how these projects -and their followers- relate to each other. Our analysis will include:

  • Network analysis 🌐

  • Project clusters 🔠

  • Sociodemographic data 👤

If successful, we could allow cross-pollination between projects and attract new students and researchers to the decentralized science ecosystem. All results will be published accessible to everyone so we can include new voices to further discussions about DeSci.

In GR18 we got enough funds to cover our operational costs (thank you all ❤️). The funds we raise in this round will be used for publishing and promotion of this study in events like science congresses or web3 events.

Team: Carolina Menchaca (

Erin Magennis (

Francisco Díaz (

Dr. Lukas Weidener (

A joint effort between talentDAO ( and DeSciWorld (

DeSci Landscape Analysis History

  • accepted into Web3 Community and Education 5 months ago. 56 people contributed $271 to the project, and $433 of match funding was provided.

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