Edge City
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Edge City aims to create popup tech and science villages globally as a 'society incubator' to accelerate human progress, with planned events in California and Southeast Asia in 2024.

Edge City is a new organization that will convene people working at the frontier of tech, science, and society in popup villages across the globe. We aspire to be a ‘society incubator’— a lab of experimentation for new ideas, tech, culture, and organizations, all dedicated to accelerating human flourishing.

Edge City is being built by Janine, Gary, Timour, and Vjera in collaboration with many Zuzalu community members. Janine and Vjera were some of the organizers of Zuzalu Montenegro and were joined by Gary and Timour to help build ZuConnect.

We are proud members of the Zuzalu ecosystem and we are excited to continue to build toward Zuzalu’s mission of cultivating a network of communities at the intersection of open technology, science, health, and social innovation. Our experience in organizing these types of events gives us confidence that we can continue to innovate and improve them. We are committed to sharing what we learn as we go.

Our goal is to create transformative gatherings with participants from diverse fields, including Crypto, ZK, Health & Biotech, Longevity, AI, Philosophy, Public Goods, and Governance. Attendees will learn, build, focus on their health, and have fun! These playgrounds will be nexus points of new and existing innovator communities and will be co-created by the participants themselves.

Our plans for 2024 include a one-month village in Northern California in June and a 6-8 week gathering in Southeast Asia leading up to DevCon 2024.

Edge City History

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