Zuzalu Q1-Events Round

Ran on the Optimism blockchain from 30 Jan 2024 12:00 to 23 Feb 2024 05:00 (UTC).
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Antalpha HackerHouse
11th ZKP-focused HackerHouse in Oxford & London from Mar 8-18, aimed at development and research in ZKP infrastructure, with 10 selected hackers collaborating for advancement and open-source contributions.
Zuafrique Builders Program
Intensive two-week workshop in Accra, Ghana, focused on Ethereum and Layer 2 technologies in Africa, aimed at fostering collaboration, enhancing skills, and building Ethereum-based solutions.
Funding the Commons
Initiative focused on fostering a community and ecosystem for funding public goods across different sectors, through events, partnerships, and integrating funding platforms.
The Archipelago in Thailand Scouting
Support a coordinator introducing groups to potential venues and local partners for a confederation of co-living/coworking pop-up cities in Chiang Mai, fostering a network advancing humanity through technology, health, and social innovation.
A 6-week developer-focused pop-up in Buenos Aires offering co-working spaces, educational talks on blockchain and cryptography, health activities, and accommodation grants for attendees.
Two-week technology-focused residency in Berlin for 80-120 innovators to collaborate across fields like AI, BioTech, and Cryptography with social synergies and cultural immersion, scheduled for May 27th to June 9th.
Signature Singularity residency
One-month residency in Japan for developers focusing on signature verification within zk-SNARKs, privacy-preserving apps, identity solutions, and client-side proving technology enhancements.
PUPALU: A Zuzalu in the pristine paradise, Palau
Create a sustainable, digital residency-focused community in Palau using blockchain technology, fostering a civilization detox and connecting people with the pristine marine environment while promoting environmental conservation.
Moos: A Berlin hub for reimagining our cities
MOOS, a Berlin-based cultural centre, focuses on creative crisis management, empowering disadvantaged groups, and fostering civic cooperation through a residency program, events, and a performance art-based learning community exploring urban citizenship and digital governance.
Web3 Village is an immersive month-long event in Mui Ne, Vietnam, offering workshops, hackathons, and networking for developers interested in Web3, co-living, and local cultural experiences.
Annual project facilitating a month of co-created learning and community-building for builders, founders, and remote workers in culturally rich locations, aiming for expansion in Brazil in 2024.
Yanomami + ZuFloripa
Study Yanomami tribe's cooperative structures, adapt lessons to DAOs for improved human-centric governance, and organize the ZuFloripa event to merge indigenous wisdom with modern decentralized models.
Zuzalu Taiwan - A plural pop-up city
Experimenting with a pop-up city in Taiwan to foster collaboration, trust, and human connections, utilizing a relational identity system for residents to express gratitude and engage in collective sense-making.
xBound Residency
A gathering focusing on decentralized governance, blending ancient wisdom and modern knowledge from diverse global perspectives to create an inclusive Web3 narrative and explore human-centric design in technology.
Proof of Retreat
A three-month self-custodial village in South Vietnam for innovators, combining co-living, co-working, and relaxation during the kitesurfing season.