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Developing web3 tech for nonprofits, with multilingual, zero-fee, crypto donation platforms, referral rewards, NFT collections, and plans for Quadratic Funding and DAO integration.

We are making HUGE progress on our 2023 roadmap. Giveth is Building the Future of Giving by empowering nonprofits with web3 tech. We launched a project curation program, a rewards-based referral program, our own pfp collection, our website in multiple languages, and launched Giveth on Polygon. Now we’re setting our sights on Quadratic Funding & DAOifying nonprofits.

image of the Giveth referral program

Giveth.io is an open source, radically transparent, user-friendly donation platform that allows anyone to open crypto funding portals by creating projects for positive impact, with zero added fees and no intermediaries. Donors are also rewarded for giving to a wide range of projects that cover the field of for-good ventures including feeding the homeless, funding community currency projects, and promoting planetary well-being. Want to support public goods? It's all on Giveth! Projects can be created in minutes; donors can make contributions in seconds. Currently Giveth is live on Ethereum Mainnet, Gnosis Chain, and Polygon.

100% of every donation goes directly to the project, and we reward donors to verified projects (and their referrers) with GIV. Learn more about our GIVbacks program here.

As we blaze into Q2 of 2023, we are delighted to announce some significant updates and future plans.

Major Updates from Q1 2023

  • Released a full Spanish version of the entire Giveth dApp to better integrate our global community.
  • Developed a simple app using our Spanish and English data, and chatGPT4, that enabled us to release the entire Giveth dApp in Catalan days later. Now we are able to release Giveth in any other language our community wants, in a matter of days.
  • Launched our donation referral program, in partnership with Chainvine, enabling anyone to earn GIVbacks by facilitating donations to verified projects through their referral links.
  • Integrated Polygon chain and made it possible to donate to Giveth projects using 24 different tokens on Polygon.
  • Launched the Givers PFP collection to tap into the NFT community, increase visibility and promote Giveth through different channels.
  • Improved the UX of RegenFarms - a product that supports DAOs in the crypto-for-good ecosystem to launch ready-made liquidity incentives programs.

screen capture of the Giveth dApp in Spanish

Further Goals for 2023

The following is a list of new products, partnerships and features that we have already begun to build for 2023. Our ability to execute on these goals is dependent on fundraising and the success of our economy, so if you want to support the Future of Giving, please add us to your cart and donate!

In Progress

  • Integrate Gitcoin Passport on Giveth to verify donor uniqueness
  • Research AI integrations and build them into Giveth products and workflows
  • Partner with Gitcoin to add Quadratic Funding rounds for projects on Giveth
  • Improve the UX of GIVpower so that users can influence project softing with immediate effects
  • Improve the UX of project profiles
  • Integrate other L1s and L2s to allow projects more options for fundraising
  • Create “GIVsavings” to allow project owners to earn a yield on idle donations on the platform
  • Add fiat donation options

Under Research

  • Partner with other L1s and L2s to make GIVpower staking and project curation multichain
  • Expand upon GIVsavings so interest earned on DeFi can easily be donated
  • Find an NFT launchpad to partner with to enable our projects to fundraise with NFTs
  • Build a better project ranking system, integrating impact and project owners assessment
  • Support projects in launching their own reputation systems to govern their donations as DAOs

Thank you for helping us Build the Future of Giving. We appreciate your support. We’re all in this together!

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Giveth History

  • accepted into Mantle Grants 1 1 year ago. 54 people contributed $664 to the project, and $4,992 of match funding was provided.
  • applied to the Token Engineering 1 year ago which was rejected
  • accepted into Metacrisis 1 year ago. 49 people contributed $1,326 to the project, and $4,999 of match funding was provided.
  • accepted into Web3 Open Source Software Round 1 year ago. 503 people contributed $2,694 to the project, and $13,000 of match funding was provided.

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