Praise: Empowering Open-Source Community Intelligence

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Praise is a digital platform enhancing community engagement through gratitude, providing insights, reputation scoring, and fostering a cooperative culture with tangible rewards.

Praise is a groundbreaking platform designed to bolster community engagement. Its design transforms online ecosystems, making them more vibrant and interconnected. The essence of Praise is the celebration of gratitude, combined with the power to provide communities with timely, decentralized insights.


We are dedicated to providing trustworthy and ungameable, user-generated data. This data serves as a beacon, guiding communities toward making informed decisions that foster genuine, positive change.

Praise's Impact on the Ecosystem

Community Intelligence: Praise offers a deep insight into the dynamics and activities of communities, revealing patterns and behaviors previously unseen.


Reputation Building: Praise tracks each member's digital contributions. Praise captures these footprints, offering a transparent record of contributions. The future of Praise envisions these contributions manifesting as reputation scores, potentially instrumental in governance. |408x338

Rewarding Contributors: Recognition in the Praise ecosystem is tangible. Contributions are rewarded with tokens, badges, points, and more, making every effort count.

Culture of Cooperation: Praise represents more than software; it signifies a shift in culture. It encourages environments teeming with mutual respect, recognition, and gratitude.


Growth and Current State

We're grateful for the support we've received from the community. With 1,284 active praise givers across 13 DAO communities and a total of 34,554 praises since our inception, it's heartening to see the positive response to Praise. New development:

  • Praise explorer - view all communities at the glance|421x327

AI-generated org charts based on Praise data


Enhanced analytics and report exports

A simplified process for self-deployment

Recent Collaborations and Innovations

Our collaboration with the Optimism ecosystem stands as one of our proud advancements. We're not just integrating Praise there, but we're also actively supporting their governance accessibility efforts. Bringing praises on-chain and building attestations on the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) have ensured our data remains robust and tamper-free.

The Road Ahead

  • Improved AI integration, delving deeper into the fabric of communities
  • Custom praise data attestations for all our communities
  • User dashboard UX improvement
  • Rebranding

Praise's journey embodies innovation and the empowerment of communities. We're pushing boundaries, forging new paths, and every step we take is a testament to our dedication. By supporting Praise, you're not just backing a tool, but a vision of a more interconnected, informed, and rewarding open-source community. Join us in our mission to redefine community engagement.

Praise: Empowering Open-Source Community Intelligence History

  • accepted into Web3 Open Source Software 9 months ago. 174 people contributed $427 to the project, and $52 of match funding was provided.
  • accepted into Mantle Grants 1 1 year ago. 29 people contributed $375 to the project, and $2,102 of match funding was provided.
  • applied to the Token Engineering 1 year ago which was rejected
  • accepted into Web3 Social 1 year ago. 16 people contributed $211 to the project, and $386 of match funding was provided.
  • accepted into Metacrisis 1 year ago. 11 people contributed $605 to the project, and $363 of match funding was provided.
  • accepted into Web3 Open Source Software Round 1 year ago. 40 people contributed $385 to the project, and $204 of match funding was provided.

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