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A decentralized autonomous organization focused on promoting research and funding for global women’s non-reproductive health, including policy advocacy, marketplace development, and support for Femtech startups.

Asterisk is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to develop research equity for global women’s non-reproductive health. This grant will fund our development through the output of a completed whitepaper.

Vision 🤝

Asterisk’s mission is to address the disparities that hinder progressive research and funding for women’s non-reproductive healthcare. To do so, we will build:

#a research IP marketplace bridging the tech transfer gap between institutions and the organizations that need their research snowballing our own research initiatives;

#calls to action/policy recommendations for inclusive clinical research of existing health interventions or underrepresented women’s disease (see Nature’s review on investing in women’s health research)

#Cascading funds to Femtech startups that are among the 20% focused on non-reproductive health.

Today, we are building a cross-disciplined global team that speaks to the needs of women in their constituent regions, breaking down assumptions that lead to narrow avenues of inquiry.

More than healthcare DAO

AsteriskDAO was formed to support non-reproductive women’s health for two reasons:

1/ Fertility is a better funded market with $1.7B provided for research in the USA alone in 2022, compared to the the dismal $1M dollars given to issues like vulvodynia — a non-reproductive pain disorder. Similarly, women’s reproductive health is also already well-represented and supported by fellow Web3 org, AthenaDAO.

2/ Women’s fertility and body autonomy is often politicized. We don’t want to add to that. Instead, we see women’s health as a holistic approach to providing women the opportunity for wellness in everyday life. We want to see a world where women can access life-changing modalities without a doctor framing her choice with her body’s ability to conceive. We hope you’ll join us.

Outputs ✨

The grant work will concretely support Asterisk throughout H1, 2024, funding:

  • Write the AsteriskDAO whitepaper
  • Work alongside a token economist to develop a licensing, tech transfer model for fractionalized IP-NFTs
  • Build those university and research institution relationships we need to validate the model
  • Market research to better understand and address the needs of femtech startups and other IP use cases

What has been done so far 👏

Asterisk has built a committed team of practitioners, reserachers, and entrepreneurs representing women’s health around the world. Our team includes neuroscientists, OBGyns, medtech entrepreneurs, DID developers, political scientists, biotech researchers, diagnosticians, and PhD in Blockchain Communities.

  • Exited stealth mode in August 2023
  • Presented at DeSci Berlin
  • Presented at Regens Unite
  • Built a newsletter list
  • Weekly meetings developing our business plan



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AsteriskDAO History

  • accepted into Web3 Community and Education 7 months ago. 68 people contributed $323 to the project, and $359 of match funding was provided.

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