Six-month DeSci Fellowships for building open-source DeSci tooling; involving education, funding, and collaboration for a cohort of scientists and developers; mixture of in-person (London) and remote participation.

Community-run DeSci Fellowships focused on the production of open sourced DeSci tooling.

MuseMatrix will run six month long fellowships; helping educate, fund and coordinate builders interested in advancing decentralised science. It will take a pragmatic approach where the focus is on tangible outputs, namely open sourced DeSci tooling. It will involve a cohort of approximately 20 fellows (a mix of scientists, web3 developers, ZK, AI and more) who will form into small teams and work on projects that are synergistic with one another. It is designed in a way that scientists/developers can participate whilst also having other commitments.

The first two months will be spent on foundational DeSci/Web3 learning (see here for the curriculum) and the last four months will be spent hacking on projects, culminating in a demo day. Projects will 'build in public' for community feedback, validation and assistance. One of the key themes throughout will be experimenting with a variety of funding models from traditional sponsorship to hypercerts/retroactive public good funding. See here for more details on the fellowship structure.

One of the theses we will test, is that the in-person nature of teams is an important requirement for success. Half the cohort will be based in London, meeting 1-2 days a week and the other half will be fully remote. Once the cohort is complete (and based on its success), there will be opportunities to hold chapters in other locations.

The focus areas include NeuroTech, Longevity, Synthetic Biology, Decentralised Clinical Trials, FemTech, ClimateTech and SpaceTech. This will be in partnership with DeSci London who have the largest in-person DeSci community.

Examples of projects fellows may work on:

  1. Neurotech: Using open-source brain–computer interface hardware (from OpenBCI) to build Neurotech focused dAPPS and/or protocols where the device signs and hashes the data on-chain to show its not been tampered with.
  2. Synthetic Biology: Using an open source bioreactors (such as Pioreactor or Opentrons) for decentralised coordination to validate protocols.
  3. Decentralised Clinical Trials: Citizen science platform for community ran and/or 'N of 1' trials with confidential compute/zK anonymity.

MuseMatrix History

People donating to MuseMatrix, also donated to

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