DeFi Education Fund (DEF)

$1,032.53 crowdfunded from 92 people

$19,986.87 received from matching pools

Advocacy group seeking funds to combat SEC overreach, educate policymakers on DeFi benefits, and shape a regulatory environment that supports decentralized finance innovation.

The DeFi Education Fund (DEF) is working to make the world safe for decentralized finance (DeFi).

DEF is a 501(c)(4), nonpartisan education and advocacy group working to explain the benefits of DeFi and fight regulatory threats to DeFi.

The funds raised from this Gitcoin round will allow us to do more of the following:

Fight the SEC’s Extreme Overreach: We understand that to move the needle, given the current policy environment, the Judiciary needs to combat aggressive, uninformed, and unconstitutional proposals from executive agencies. The SEC’s most recent rulemaking that would expand the definition of a “securities exchange” such that developers merely publishing code could be within scope is the latest, and perhaps most egregious example. We’re also keeping a close eye on the Treasury Department’s reported rulemaking to update the definition of a “broker” in the context of tax reporting, which could have an impact on DeFi. These cases will be expensive and are existential issues. This funding will help us fight for DeFi in as many venues and contexts as possible.

Continue with Policymaker Education Efforts: Since our inception, we’ve explained to hundreds of lawmakers and regulators what decentralized finance is – and why they shouldn’t be afraid of it but rather embrace it. With Congress now well into its deliberations on how to regulate the sector and with regulatory agencies proposing new rulemakings, this work needs to be supercharged.

Your support empowers us to make the case for DeFi, protect its nascent but immense potential, and build a policy landscape welcoming of this incredible innovation. If you have questions about this work, DeFi policy developments, etc., please reach out. Dm us on twitter @fund_defi or email us at

DeFi Education Fund (DEF) History

  • accepted into Crypto Advocacy 11 months ago. 92 people contributed $1,033 to the project, and $19,987 of match funding was provided.

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